Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music composition

Maybe some of you are wondering how I started to come up an idea to write finish a song or maybe you are also interested to test and write up a song too. This post I'm going to fill up your curiosity, just briefly. I AM NOT A PRO. I don't know whether it will help you though.

Before that, I want to wish Singapore a happy belated birthday!

When I start to write a song, most probably I would draft out the melody first, the chord first or maybe the tempo first. It depends. For my case, I haven't succeed in drafting the lyrics first. There is no definite answer to this. You may either sing or use an instrument to help you when drafting. Next is inspiration. Find out what you are writing for. To what or to who. I don't know whether others may agree to this but song writers tend to be very emotional. I have mood swings and I have to admit to this. My mood is never in the middle range, it is always to the extreme (very calm / go nuts). If you don't agree that I have very extreme emotions, most probably is I'm acting in front of you. Mood swings definitely make your music nice!

Next is getting the chords right. I won't talk too in-depth about this because this is found in a music theory book. In between a song, I would usually use imperfect cadence (I-V / C to G in C major) or even suspension (Gsus4 - G). In other words, these would act as a comma in an essay. When I'm going to end a song, I would use a perfect cadence (V-I / G to C in C major). There are also many other types of chords but I'm not going to elaborate on this. Like Maths, music composition also has a formula. It has Pentatonic (Chinese), Japanese, Egyptian, Arabian, Indian, Jazz and many more scales. Just stick to the notes from the scales, you definitely would have the essence of the type of songs you want.

Then choose what type of instruments you want to play in the song.

Add colors to your music by adding accompaniment. Either by 3rd apart, 6th apart or octave apart. If you are pro, most probably you would write the scores for different accompaniment instruments and how they sound to bring the essence of the music out. Lastly, add the dynamics(loud or soft) in.

The songs I uploaded till today does not consist any big changes of the chords as I just started writing songs during that time. The next upload also won't include anything got to do with chords but I will start uploading songs that has chords next week. Then you will see a big difference with one with chords and one with no chords. Chords is important because it would help to add colors to your song and you won't keep writing songs that sounds almost the same.

That's it! Oh ya, if you are also wondering why I have so much time to write songs, I would reply that stress help me to hum the melody out. That is why I always have 3 to 4 sentences saved in my thumb drive during submission that can drive me crazy. Then I would just join the sentences to form the whole song.