Friday, August 27, 2010

Glass Box

You must be wondering why I posted the storyline of Tsubasa and Spirited away and find it weird. There's always a reason behind.

I love to watch spirited away and while I'm watching I'm touched with how Chihiro struggle to escape from the spirit world. Then my inspiration came and I wrote the melody out. Writing lyrics is a challenge to me so I ended up searching for ideas until I flip the pages of Tsubasa. I love the drawings of this comic and I flip until a particular page where both main character got separated from this glass wall and cannot reach each other so I say "This is good." I finally finished my lyrics like that. If you haven't read my introduction of these 2 stories, you can go to my previous posts.

Since I will be typing the lyrics out, I don't think there's a need for me to type a description. But no worries, I'm not going to sing so don't exit my page now.

Here's the new song:

Instruments: Oboe(main), strings, horn, piano, drum

Lyrics with English Translation

(verse 1)
住进那玻璃盒 (I've been living in the glass box)
已过几前年了 (Thousands of years has passed)
感动的那一刻 (The moment I once felt touched)
变得很模糊 (Seems so far away and blur)

(verse 2)
双手碰不到你 (I can't feel you)
耳朵也听不到你的歌声 (I can't hear you)
之间就被隔着这道墙 (This wall has separated both of us)
怎样能敲碎呢 (How can I break it down)

过了万年也无法把这缘分割舍 (Another ten thousand years has passed but our affinity just never end)
我对你的爱已经别无选择 (You are the only one that is in my heart)
只有心碎的声音穿梭了玻璃盒 (Only our heart break penetrate through this glass wall)
眼泪滑过我的脸颊心无法负荷 (I can't endure it as my tears roll down from my eyes)

The English translation don't fit into the song. If any of you are interested to fill in the English lyrics, you can contact me as I welcome anyone to do so but you must inform me first.

Once I can sing better, I will definitely post it up by not now. So stay tune to my next song!