Sunday, August 22, 2010

Empty Cup with No Creativity

I feel that I can't write songs that satisfy me. I may be happy with it for a month or 2 but as time passes, I just know that I can write something better but I'm not writing anything that is good. This makes me frustrated. I haven't completed any songs since March. I have 8 to 9 songs that are still stagnant. No ideas. Maybe life is too good after I no longer have people that would bring "negative forces" to my life. Negative forces? What am I talking about? Oh well. I better stay away from these people for goodness sake.

I think my life just circulate within this and that all the time. Nothing new. No new environment, no new people, no new stories. The best time when I can get to experience different things maybe is after I graduate. I may have the time to experience new surroundings and environment.

I love observing people to get new ideas. I need some crazy, positive people who love life a lot to affect me to write something different. I don't want to write songs that always make use of minor scales and so emotional. No point in doing so because my life don't just revolve in sad things. I may be happy but I'm not feeling happy to the extreme. Extreme emotional will write nice songs.

My creativity is draining off and left with an empty cup. Most likely I will finish another 3 songs this year after adding chords and change the chords but the songs just won't satisfy me because all are still sad songs.