Sunday, August 22, 2010

Completed a song - Sweet Summer

I just said yesterday I can't complete a song and now I just completed a lively, summer song. I'm so weird haha I'm laughing at myself. My new song is named 'Sweet Summer.' I guess I can complete this song is because of the trip to ecp. I must thank sam.k, chari, yi, sasa for going to east coast park with me. Thanks! Now what is left is the recordings for Unwoken Sleep and this song, rest I've already recorded earlier but I'm not going to post all my songs in one go because I still want to keep updating my blog LOL.

I would say Unwoken Sleep is my triumph card up until today. After I post this song you guys will know why and I will keep the answer in suspense first. I may like my songs but I will never be satisfy with the song and this is what a composer must be.

Songs I like consist of:
1) Dark Forest - Still acceptable to me and I guess most of you prefer this song.
2) Journey Ahead - I haven't post the song yet but it is way nicer than the songs I wrote before that.
3) Unwoken Sleep - Yup, my triumph card

The songs I posted up until today I won't call myself a composer, I will just say it's my interest. But songs I've written from Journey Ahead onwards I will dare to call myself a composer. So stay tune to hear more songs!

* 23rd August 2010, Abbie.S completed a song named "Sweet Summer."