Friday, August 20, 2010

Childhood Memories

My new is song out and it sounds different from the songs I uploaded before. Chords were added to add colors to the music as what I mentioned in my previous post.

Childhood Memories
Recall stories that I was young. Childhood may consist of pleasant and unpleasant stories but that are part of my memories, part of my past.

If you are interested to know which songs I am going to post next week or in the future, you may visit the link at the top bar (composition information). It would show when I composed those pieces and what pieces I'm going to post next following down the list. In addition, after I post a song, I will update the date I've posted.

Furthermore, if you want to listen to my previous songs, you do not need to search in the archives, you can just find all my songs at the right side bar titled "Songs Posted"

Follow me next week to listen to my new songs. I would also write posts related to music between the span of 1 week after I posted my songs. See ya!