Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are you emo?

Are you feeling very sad, depressed and super emo? Yup, I'm writing this post to encourage people like you.

I saw my surrounding people some always look so sad. Most probably you will be thinking "Life sucks" "The world just sucks" "The people around me sucks". I used to think that way too but I think differently now. If you change your way of thinking like "Life rocks!" "The world is so interesting with me around!" "To haters: Why are you wasting your brain memory to remember me? I don't mind because you will remember me." won't things be different.

The next most important key factor to happiness is to do things that you like to do. Actually, doing stuff that you like to do and even know what you like to do is difficult. Ok, let's start with things that you like to do. Usually people around us will restrict us from doing the things that we like to do most. But why bother about them? What matters is yourself because you are leading your own life. There's a saying: Life is like a show and a show is like your life from a Chinese saying. You are the main character of your own show/drama. So make yourself shine. People who do things that they like always shine. Take for an example my classmate Mel. She always look so stress in class and upset. But when she is doing make-up for someone else, she shine so brilliantly! (If you are reading this post, I just want to say go do the things that you really like.)

Next is finding things that you like to do. Once my brother and cousin asked me the same question: "I don't know what I like to do." I finally found a reply to that. I have to say just get out of your seat and walk around, travel around, get exposure to many stuffs, you will eventually find one thing that you really like to do. Instead of just siting at your seat or always do the regular stuffs that you always do, try something different.

I remembered earlier this year one of my lecturer came up to me and asked me whether I want to pursue Architecture in university when I graduate. My reply was: "I don't know, my dad want me to." That was like after attachment so he asked me. Then he replied something like he did not know that he will become a lecturer now and life changes. He mentioned a lot of stuffs and I don't remembered already but I started to change my thoughts about whether I should go ahead to do things that I really want and like to do. That is why I started opening this blog.

So go ahead! Do the things that you like and live your life to the fullest. Once that day is gone, it is forever over and never to repeat again.

I know this is awkward but I still want to share that I LOVE COMPOSING!