Friday, July 30, 2010

2 freshly baked songs!

This week I'm uploading 2 songs. I upload 1 day earlier because I cannot sleep right now lol. So one day earlier. I'm going to start my story on these 2 songs:

Few months ago my mum was tidying the cabinet and she happened to found a yellow file. She passed it to me and I said "What is this?" Of course my mum said "I don't know." Then I opened the file and saw 3 pieces of music score written by me. I was very shocked ok lol because I don't seem to remember that I wrote those. But out of the 3 pieces, 1 is a bad piece. So today, I will be sharing the 2 pieces with you.

Happiness Around Me

I wrote this song on 10/8/2004 dated on my score. The most funny part is that I even signed on it (this is lame). So this is written about 6 years ago?! Ok, that was long... If u ask me why I wrote this song, I would reply: "I can't remember." Most probably as what was stated in the title, I was happy that time.

Happy 48th Birthday Mummy!!!

This song I remembered why I wrote it. I wrote it for my mum on her 48th birthday but she is no longer 48 as it was written in year 2005. Her birthday is on 25th December Christmas Day! Such a coincidence. The piano part is suppose to be played by my younger brother in erhu. Erhu + violin = not so nice, so I just played it in piano in this audio.

I also want to thank my family and friends to "like" my video and encourage me!

So that's it! Next week I'm going to post a song that I wrote not long after Dark Forest. Remember to visit me again next Sunday!