Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas and also my mum's birthday!

Supposedly our first pay we should buy something for our parents right? I have not bought any stuffs for my parents after receiving my first pay. I wanted to make up for this so I bought a branded bag for my mum as her birthday present. I wrapped it nicely with a wrapping paper waiting for her to open it up. She seemed very happy to receive it so I'm elated too.

My friend introduced me to join a local competition so I went to apply it today. I want to gain more exposure and I think it would be fun. There is something that I do not get it.. is that ... why do I have to pay $12 for this. Oh well! No pain no gain?

Come to think of it, this is the 3rd time I'm registering for a music composition competition. The first competition I joined is against my will as I thought that I am not up to the standard and unprepared for it. So of course my piece was not chosen. The 2nd competition I joined is the HIM online competition towards the end of November this year so I'm waiting for the results. I think this one I will be not enter into the finals as a few parts was out a tune and I was super utterly disappointed. Never mind, what's over is over.

Lastly I want to wish everyone a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Is having a dream really that important? I personally think that sometimes reality tend to swallow your so call "dream" but that does not mean that you should not have one. A person who do not know what they really want in life is really a torture. I have been through a period of them where I do not know what I really want and aimlessly wander everywhere in life. I call it the sense of insecurity. I wonder if you have envy people who has a goal in life too? I do.

My parents always say that reality is more important. True enough but I also heard people talking about how important dreams are, many talks about "dream" and "dare to dream" so on and on. Come to think of it, people who adhere to their dreams tend to have courage. However that does not equal to success. Planning is the most important step to do when you are carrying out your own dream, I guess.

How about you? Do you have a dream?
If you ask me, I just want to keep on improving on my songs and share it with more and more people. That is my dream and interest now.

I used to be greedy, thinking that I'm some super girl who can succeed in everything, regardless in school, music, social circle, family matters... In the end, I realized that I am no where closer to my own expectations which stressed me out. I look at myself and realized that I am wrong. Due to many things that I do not even need and cling on, I have missed out the interesting stories and details along the way. Maybe I am born in a city, the living pace is so quick that I am always comparing myself with other people. So don't be greedy, take it easy and you will realize something different.

My point of view start to change when I came across this video, I cannot remember the details about this video but I am just going to share with you some tips on how to find your own dream if you are lost or something, at the same time flip through what I wrote in my diary. Oh yes, before I wrote this blog, I own 2 diaries since secondary school. It is a way to express my happiness and unhappiness by writing down. I seriously encourage people to write diaries or blog, if you keep too many stuffs inside your heart it is terrible isn't it?

Here it goes:

1) Goals & Dreams
- Compose songs of my own style and become a musician that would be recorded in the history. (Like LOL)
- Learn to sing well (Seriously, my singing has improved as compared to the past)
- Be famous in websites like youtube (Ok I have a long way to go)

etc etc ...

After stating my dreams, next I sort out:

a) Really Important  
- Compose songs that are of my own style (Date: 1/6/2010) Expired already but I have written Eternal Sleep and I am happy with it.
- Sing extremely well (1/12/2010)
This reminds me that when I started to write a song, I am super happy with the outcome as I played it using my piano. However, when I started singing, I was super upset and asked myself why is it so disgusting. So singing became one of my goal.
- Play my piano well (1/12/2010)

b) Not Nessasary, a want
- Play my violin well (31/12/2010)

c) Would be nice but I don't have to have it
- Get good grades (Polytechnic)

Then I state the reason why (every of the goals you have wrote)

Example to how you write it

Compose songs that are of my own style
- I love composing
- I want people to appreciate them
- It helps me to express my mood
- It makes me feel happy and alive (Ok, what is this? I can't believe I wrote this)

Daily basis (7 days)
- Play piano
- Play violin

It seems that I did not adhere to the daily basis. I only play them once a week. Oh no, better not let my teachers know as they always remind to play everyday and I replied :"OK"

You can give it a try and write it in your diary or blog! Hope you will find your own goals and dreams and walk forward to it and look forward to my next post!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Youtube is my best friend

Don't you think that YouTube is just your best friend ever? Today I was totally clueless about how to use a new music software (FL studio). Within 15 minutes of browsing through YouTube, I roughly understand how to use it. The same goes to using revit and sketchup.

This also reminds me of how I started to write my blog. I was clueless on how to get started, the only thing that I knew was using Blogger, follow the instructions, type some words and POST! Then I asked myself: "So now what? How am I going to post my music up?" Browsing through different web pages, reading hundreds of words that made me dizzy, the web pages recommended me to use some music uploading webs which is a core to use it. YouTube just never cross my mind then, I was so busy searching for a solution that I actually forgot that I have a account. It was until a week later that I realized that I could just post it on YouTube.

During the first week of me setting up my blog, I wanted to change my blogskin but I did not know how to do it. I went to YouTube and typed "How to design blogskin",within a day I designed my own blogskin. Don't you find it amazing?! However it looks ugly, you still need to take some time to develop your blogskin design skills. Gradually, I realized that blog readers do not just pass by your website and read. You still need some information on how to increase your blog traffic. If you are interested, you can visit lisa3876's YouTube channel. She has uploaded many videos on setting up blogs and websites etc.

In addition to that, YouTube also helps you get updated to the latest music video. However due to copyright issues, most of the music videos are taken down, especially Japanese music videos. Music videos are good, at least it would lower the percentage of you regretting after buying the cd/dvd. I have a few cds that I regretted buying and they were a waste of money, the cds were left on my shelves collecting dust and maybe waiting for the day to be spoiled.

I am going to conclude that if you want to get started on a software but found out that the software is an alien to you, YouTube is just going to provide the answers that you need. Especially people who do not like to read so many words like me, it is just going to benefit you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The bottle of stories

I have stories that I have bottled in my heart for so long but I did not say it. Today I wanted to share what I have been through these 2 years plus at my school. I know that people who wants to do big things should not talk about people related topics but things have come to be so irreversible.

New to the school
There is a girl who I admired her when I just came to know her. She looked friendly and social-able. When I came to know that she was in my group, I was elated. However, things had not been going smoothly, she is not like how I see her.

Whenever I do stuffs that are not to her expectations, she would keep blaming me. I was wondering if you are so unhappy, why don't you do it yourself. An addition to that, she was missing for a few occasions when she was doing our project. When the deadline was near, we had to rush like mad as compared to other groups.

Second Year
However, her attitude changed when she was in second year. I should say change for the better. She was very enthusiastic in her work but when she comes to group work, the only thing that was similar is she was as bossy as before and kept ordering me to do this and that. We are all classmates, is it not suppose to be trusting each other in a team and get this work done? The outcome was "I want this so do it for me." Third year is a year I could finally choose my group members, so I never felt so happy in my school life before. I finally have to choice not to group with her. It was heaven.

Birthday Party
Last year, I invited her to my birthday party. She asked me whether she could bring some of her friends with her. I thought it would be fine so I agreed. She brought her friends along and was trying to show her friends off to everyone. Apparently, everyone ignored her. One of my friend who totally did not know who she was told me that when I was not around, she was trying to put me down and she did not know what that girl was trying to do. From my perceptive, she was trying to ruin my party but failed to do so.

A quarrel that does not involve me
Towards the end of our year 2, I thought everything would come to an end. It seems that this story is never ending. My class had a group of people who was quarreling for a competition project but it does not involve me. She had a quarrel with her best friend but it seems not amendable so she went to the submission box, took the file that belongs to her best friend and put it on my table. The second day, one of our classmate found her file on my table and helped her hand it up. Initially, everyone thought that it would not be graded, in the end it was graded. Her best friend gave me a call and asked me regarding this situation. Luckily, that day I went home and had a witness with me or else this will drag forever.

The day before
The day before, I heard my name repeatedly came out from a certain person. Obviously they were gossiping about me. Actually all this while I knew that they were gossiping about me but I pretended that I did not know. Ignorance does not mean stupidity.

Initially I just wanted to hint the person who was gossiping about me and just let this situation give it a rest. I went up to the person and called his name. He pretended to ignore me until I called him the third time. That was the time I was a little pissed off. I said "你说别人的坏话太大声了“ (The volume of you speaking ill of someone is too loud). He actually replied me "What? Which one?" I got angry but I did not want to scold him so I left the class.

When I got home, I felt kind of guilty to said that sentence to him or whether I had heard wrongly or not. It ever crossed my mind whether to apologize to him too. I called my friend and was talking about this matter. We came out a conclusion that we would find out the truth first, and if I have done wrongly, I am willing to apologize. The second day, the group that he was in was mocking openly in front of me. At the same time, I felt my stupidity. Why should I even think of wanting to apologize to him. The one who was laughing extremely loud was that girl I mentioned before. I understand that she wanted to get her revenge.

At the same time, I felt that everyone in the class except for one of my friend has misunderstood me. It seems that after I left the classroom that they were gossiping even louder. I was so depressed. During my journey to head home, my friend was trying to cheer me up. I came to realize that she is my true friend.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eternal Sleep

After 1 month, I finally uploaded a song. I have been busy with my submissions for the past few weeks. Being an architecture student is really tough but I'm going to graduate soon so bear with it. Yes I'm telling myself to bear with it... 5 more months. Tomorrow there is an interim submission again so after publishing this post, I'm off to cadding!

Eternal Sleep

Initially, the name of this song is called "Unwoken Sleep." But unwoken... No such word, so I decided to change it to "Eternal Sleep."

This song consist of different time signature (3/4 to 4/4) and tempo which is found at the transition of the verse to the chorus. I finished this song at March earlier this year so you can hear the difference as you compare with my previous pieces. There is improvement? I guess.

Struggling with my sub-conscious and conscious mind, I could not wake up.
Fallen into a deep deep sleep, when can I end this nightmare?

Okay! I'm going off to cadding the sewage and drainage now. Look forward to my next post!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting Chords

Chords are either major, minor, diminished or augmented. In addition to these chords, there are still chords that could make your songs more interesting.

Let's take C chord as an example.

C major - consist of C E G
C minor - consist of C E flat G
C diminished - consist of C E flat G flat
C augmented - consist of C E G sharp

C9 - C, E, G, D (an additional D note)
Csus4 - C, F, G (an additional F note, but must resolve to C major)
C6 - C, E, G, A (an additional A note)
C7 - C, E, G, B (an additional B note)

An interesting fact is that you could just use the chords given above to play all the white keys from the piano for the whole song. I never tried it before... Maybe I should give it a try and test how it sounds like. I think it will be dull though.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been a long time!

It's been a long time since I last posted something! These few weeks I've been busying writing a new song as I wanted to join a music composition competition. Really hope for getting the consolation price as I have written something different from my previous pieces.

I've finished recording the piano piece that I'm going to post in the next post, but I'm still in the midst of producing a video for this song. So look forward to it!

Sorry for the long M.I.A and see ya!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Journey Ahead Vocal

路途 aka Journey Ahead





cheng jing jing guo de lu tu (The journey that I once walked)
jing chang mi le lu (I will always lost my way)
jing chang dou hui you (Every time I will encounter)
tu ou bu ping de dao lu (a difficult pathway to walk through)

qi gua yan shen kan zhe wo (The stares around me)
po lan de yi fu (that looks at my worn out clothes)
shi zhe bu ting ye bu kan (I will try to ignore)
ye bu hui qu fu (And I will never give in)

guo le duo shao shui yue (Many years has passed)
fa xian zi ji bu gu du (I realized I'm not alone)
you ren he wo tong gan gong ku (There is always a person by my side)
zhi yao gu qi yong qi (If I took up my courage)
kua xia zi ji na bu (and move my first step)
jiu gan jue ru shi zhong fu (I would have lighten the burden on me)

wo yi zhi zhui xun (I am always searching)
zui chu na gan chu (The feeling I once had)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Birthday Wishes

I realized that few of my friends are celebrating their birthday these days which makes me difficult to forget mine too! I have a friend's birthday that falls on TODAY! In addition to that, my birthday is on the 10th of October.

There are times when I forget my birthday was reaching until 3 days before or so, but with all these friends' birthday that falls close to mine really benefited me (remind me of my own birthday).

Time really flies so fast and I'm going to be 19. Oops I revealed my age. LOL

If you ask me whether I have a birthday present in mind, I would say yes! I would seriously, excitedly, happily, desperately wish for a Mini Cooper for my birthday present. I like to dream of something that are unachievable and you can go ahead and laugh.

A Mini Cooper for my birthday present is something I will definitely not receive this year but maybe 5 years down the road I will buy a Mini Cooper for my own birthday present. Who knows?

Lastly, I want to wish my friends who are celebrating their birthday on the (just to remind you):
30th September (Ihsan)
1st October (Kevin)
5th October (Olivia)
8th October (Xiao Yao)
9th October (Xian Tao)
10th October (myself) ???!!!
25th October (Yuan Yuan)


I will also be uploading my new song this Friday, so come and visit me! Bye!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Faraway Dream

Ok new song uploaded. It is not related to the drizzle lyrics or vocals, it's instrumental again. This song is a little different from the songs that I've written before, not too cheena and not too traditional. One of the few major scales pieces that I've written so enjoy!

(I took it down to join a competition)

Faraway Dream

My dream seems so faraway but I'm going to chase it till I reach my destination.

Maybe few days later I would post my vocal recordings. Hmmm, i checked through my composition list and I realized I left with 2 songs. After posting these 2 songs (which will last for another 2 more weeks), I should think of new ideas for my blog already.

So stay tune to my next post!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Continue editing drizzle

My younger bro ask me to take out all the stupid words such as pringles so I'm gonna edit again.

Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
no one seems disturbed but start to giggle
everyone has a smile on their faces
it's so unpredictable

Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
I looked upon the sky
it looks so high
the droplets starts to fall and drop into my eye

And I ...

Stepped my foot into the puddle
making it muddle
I love the rain drops falling on me
it just going to cool the heat on me

And I

Start to walk into the drizzle
dancing my way all the way to school
but unpreventable
my textbooks are getting wet
and so is my hat
But not to worry that they would get drenched

ok I just think that this sucks... I need sometime to figure this out.

I'm stuck on English lyrics!

Ok I'm seriously stuck on writing English lyrics. So I'm gonna give it a shot by just typing anything I like below. Supposedly, lyrics are meant to rhyme, but I don't know how to rhyme it yet so let me give it a shot then. Here goes my first attempt:

Ok good hmmmm... err... ya.... What topic should I write about?

Ok last night before I slept I thought of something that I could write, that is expression of rain.

Rain has 4 different types as I categorised it. Drizzle, heavy rain, storm, a sudden rain that would go quickly. Let's start with drizzle.


Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
no one seems disturbed
to open their umbrella
As what I saw....

everyone has a smile on their face

Dizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
I looked upon the sky
the skies are blue and clear
the sun is smiling to me

everyone express their happiness on their face

And I ...

Stepped my foot into the puddle
splish splash splish splash creating my rhythmn
I love the rain drops falling on me
it just going to cool the heat on me

And I

Start to walk into the drizzle
dancing my way all the way to school
Oh no my textbooks are getting wet
But not to worry that they would get drenched

Ok done. How come it sounds like children songs?! Ok not bad my first nusery song. The major problem is how to rhyme them.

Drizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
no one seems disturbed but start to giggle
When you start to open their umbrella "bo kle"
Oh no! Stare! Just go home eat your pringles

Dizzle drizzle it starts to drizzle
I looked upon the sky
it looks so high
the droplets starts to fall and drop into my eye
and the sun is laughing at me

And I ...

Stepped my foot into the puddle
splish splash splish splash making it muddle
I love the rain drops falling on me
it just going to cool the heat on me

And I

Start to walk into the drizzle
dancing my way all the way to school
but unpreventable
my textbooks are getting wet
and so is my hat
But not to worry that they would get drenched

Oh my god!
I finished it. So what will it sound like? I will upload in my next post.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass Box Vocal

Ok finally I'm going to post my lovely voice (ah pui... eee... wth... shut up...) Oh what? I heard that! Just joking take it easy.

It's all in Chinese so I apologize to those non-Chinese people. You know my English standard... so I can't write English lyrics.

玻璃盒 (Glass Box)

(verse 1)

(verse 2)
双手碰不到 你

过 了万年也无法把这缘分割舍

verse 1)
zhu jing na bo li he(I've been living in the glass box)
yi gou ji qian nian le (Thousands of years has passed)
gan dong de na yi ke (The moment I once felt touched)
bian de hen mo hu (Seems so far away and blur)

(verse 2)
shang shou peng bu dao ni (I can't feel you)
er duo ye ting bu dao ni de ge sheng (I can't hear you)
zhi jian jiu bei ge zhe zhe dao qiang (This wall has separated both of us)
zhen yang neng qiao sui ne (How can I break it down)

guo le wan nian ye wu fa ba zhe yuan fen ge she (Another ten thousand years has passed but our affinity just never end)
wo dui ni de ai yi jing bie wu xuan zhe (You are the only one that is in my heart)
zhi you xin sui de sheng yin chuan suo le bo li he(Only our heart break penetrate through this glass wall)
yan lei hua guo wo de lian jia xin wu fa fu he (I can't endure it as my tears roll down from my eyes)

Something for my friends:
Sasa - I've uploaded.
Mar - Thanks.
Wee - Thanks.
Yus - Honest ah. Don't worry I can take it.

I will post 1 first. I seriously don't have the confidence to let everyone hear all at one go. Most importantly I'm very tired, I feel like sleeping so see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What makes a show interesting? Dynamics

What actually makes a show interesting? What makes you feel like crying, scared till you shiver, happy like no one business when you are watching a show? Have you guessed it correctly? That's right! It is the background music that is playing!

My violin teacher once told me to play with drastic dynamics. The dynamics must be drastic in order to be listened by the naked ear. If you don't know how to use your emotions to play the emotions of the music, the other way is to have good basic foundation of playing the musical instrument. That is what my violin teacher always tells me. He also once asked me what makes a horror movie scary? He replied that actually the movie itself is not scary, what makes the show scary is actually the sound effects.

Dynamics makes the music alive. My violin teacher also once share with me the other way to produce better dynamics that is to listen to how you talk. Normal human beings don't talk with no dynamics, the only music that will produce constant volume would be the midi.

Everywhere you go, dynamics are important. Regardless whether you talk, the show of the background music, the way the actors/actresses portray their emotions in the show, the hawker shouting for customers, the birds singing, the dogs barking. If you are learning a music instrument, have you ever wonder why this musician stands out from the others? Apart from the technical skills they have learnt, most importantly is the dynamics that will touch people's heart.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Preview for next POST

Ok I'm going to tell you guys a shocking, shakening news. That is I'm going to post 3 songs written by me and SING by me this coming Friday. But if you think that I'm going to sing badly, there is nothing to worry about as I have received 3 feed backs from my fellow friends and all seems to be quite ok. So just wait till I post my vocal recordings and you can comment on it. Stay tune!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Journey Ahead

I got inspiration from "The Legend" a touching Korean drama.

This drama typically shows about the king and the 4 god guardians. The King was actually a god who was sent by the heavens to look after the world. Because of some issues arose, the girl he liked became the "Black Joojak" to destroy the world. So after 2000 years, he descended to the earth to stop the mishap from happening.

If you are interested you can go and watch this drama.

Journey Ahead
It doesn't matter if you fall or meet setbacks, what matters is you are able to overcome the issues, overcome your fears. You are not alone, there will be always someone that will assist you along the way of obstacles.

I have written the lyrics for this song but I'm not going to upload today. So stay tune to the next song.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glass Box HQ

In the middle of the night, I just figured out how to straight away transfer my song from the keyboard to the computer. Better quality right. That's right, in the previous post most of the beat and strings cannot hear properly.

Glass Box

You must be wondering why I posted the storyline of Tsubasa and Spirited away and find it weird. There's always a reason behind.

I love to watch spirited away and while I'm watching I'm touched with how Chihiro struggle to escape from the spirit world. Then my inspiration came and I wrote the melody out. Writing lyrics is a challenge to me so I ended up searching for ideas until I flip the pages of Tsubasa. I love the drawings of this comic and I flip until a particular page where both main character got separated from this glass wall and cannot reach each other so I say "This is good." I finally finished my lyrics like that. If you haven't read my introduction of these 2 stories, you can go to my previous posts.

Since I will be typing the lyrics out, I don't think there's a need for me to type a description. But no worries, I'm not going to sing so don't exit my page now.

Here's the new song:

Instruments: Oboe(main), strings, horn, piano, drum

Lyrics with English Translation

(verse 1)
住进那玻璃盒 (I've been living in the glass box)
已过几前年了 (Thousands of years has passed)
感动的那一刻 (The moment I once felt touched)
变得很模糊 (Seems so far away and blur)

(verse 2)
双手碰不到你 (I can't feel you)
耳朵也听不到你的歌声 (I can't hear you)
之间就被隔着这道墙 (This wall has separated both of us)
怎样能敲碎呢 (How can I break it down)

过了万年也无法把这缘分割舍 (Another ten thousand years has passed but our affinity just never end)
我对你的爱已经别无选择 (You are the only one that is in my heart)
只有心碎的声音穿梭了玻璃盒 (Only our heart break penetrate through this glass wall)
眼泪滑过我的脸颊心无法负荷 (I can't endure it as my tears roll down from my eyes)

The English translation don't fit into the song. If any of you are interested to fill in the English lyrics, you can contact me as I welcome anyone to do so but you must inform me first.

Once I can sing better, I will definitely post it up by not now. So stay tune to my next song!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

I've only read this comic, I think most of you would be interested to watch this anime. As my numerical age starts to increase, these fantasies does not really interest me. If you are interested, you can go to watch it.

Storyline of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
This manga typically talked about Syaron trying to save Sakura by gathering her memories back for her. In order to do so, Syaron have to go to another world to search for this magical feathers which has change form from her pieces of memories to an object (the feather). He went up to a witch for an exchange for Sakura's memory to have him excluded to a trip all around the world to search for the feather. He started to head off with the company of Sakura of course, a fluff (Mokona), Kurogane and Fye.

The last book that I've read talks about Syaron is actually a specimen of the real Syaron and the both Syaron were fighting against each other. However, Sakura was really worried for the clone Syoran and went to search for him. End up she caught herself in danger.

If you are interested, you can go and watch the anime or read the manga yourself and I won't continue on the story because I don't seem to remember what actually happened and I'm confused so the storyline that I wrote also came out confusing. Forget it.

This manga is written by CLAMP. CLAMP has published books like Card Captor Sakura and Holicxx.

Spirited Away

This Japanese anime movie also known as Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi, is filmed in 2001. I've watched it more than 5 times years ago and would like to recommend this show.

Spirited Away Storyline
Chihiro is a very pampered little girl and love to whine a lot. Unknowingly, her nightmare began to start as she was whining. Her parents took a wrong path into roads of tombs when their intention is to head towards their new home. However, they don't feel awkward about it. Finally, they stopped at the dead end and they came out of their car. A tunnel leads them into a beautiful garden and Chihiro's parents happily walked across an "invisible river" which will gradually lead them to a town.

This town has lots of food placed at the stores but no one is tending them. Chihiro's parents saw the delicious food and sat down greedily, thinking that they would just pay their bills later. Chihiro was scared and refused to join them. As night falls, she saw her parents turned into pigs. She was petrified and confused.

What will happen next? Go watch the movie yourself, it is an interesting movie and worth watching. I don't feel like writing the whole story out.

This movie/manga is written by Hayao Mayazaki who is also the author of Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Completed a song - Sweet Summer

I just said yesterday I can't complete a song and now I just completed a lively, summer song. I'm so weird haha I'm laughing at myself. My new song is named 'Sweet Summer.' I guess I can complete this song is because of the trip to ecp. I must thank sam.k, chari, yi, sasa for going to east coast park with me. Thanks! Now what is left is the recordings for Unwoken Sleep and this song, rest I've already recorded earlier but I'm not going to post all my songs in one go because I still want to keep updating my blog LOL.

I would say Unwoken Sleep is my triumph card up until today. After I post this song you guys will know why and I will keep the answer in suspense first. I may like my songs but I will never be satisfy with the song and this is what a composer must be.

Songs I like consist of:
1) Dark Forest - Still acceptable to me and I guess most of you prefer this song.
2) Journey Ahead - I haven't post the song yet but it is way nicer than the songs I wrote before that.
3) Unwoken Sleep - Yup, my triumph card

The songs I posted up until today I won't call myself a composer, I will just say it's my interest. But songs I've written from Journey Ahead onwards I will dare to call myself a composer. So stay tune to hear more songs!

* 23rd August 2010, Abbie.S completed a song named "Sweet Summer."

Empty Cup with No Creativity

I feel that I can't write songs that satisfy me. I may be happy with it for a month or 2 but as time passes, I just know that I can write something better but I'm not writing anything that is good. This makes me frustrated. I haven't completed any songs since March. I have 8 to 9 songs that are still stagnant. No ideas. Maybe life is too good after I no longer have people that would bring "negative forces" to my life. Negative forces? What am I talking about? Oh well. I better stay away from these people for goodness sake.

I think my life just circulate within this and that all the time. Nothing new. No new environment, no new people, no new stories. The best time when I can get to experience different things maybe is after I graduate. I may have the time to experience new surroundings and environment.

I love observing people to get new ideas. I need some crazy, positive people who love life a lot to affect me to write something different. I don't want to write songs that always make use of minor scales and so emotional. No point in doing so because my life don't just revolve in sad things. I may be happy but I'm not feeling happy to the extreme. Extreme emotional will write nice songs.

My creativity is draining off and left with an empty cup. Most likely I will finish another 3 songs this year after adding chords and change the chords but the songs just won't satisfy me because all are still sad songs.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Childhood Memories

My new is song out and it sounds different from the songs I uploaded before. Chords were added to add colors to the music as what I mentioned in my previous post.

Childhood Memories
Recall stories that I was young. Childhood may consist of pleasant and unpleasant stories but that are part of my memories, part of my past.

If you are interested to know which songs I am going to post next week or in the future, you may visit the link at the top bar (composition information). It would show when I composed those pieces and what pieces I'm going to post next following down the list. In addition, after I post a song, I will update the date I've posted.

Furthermore, if you want to listen to my previous songs, you do not need to search in the archives, you can just find all my songs at the right side bar titled "Songs Posted"

Follow me next week to listen to my new songs. I would also write posts related to music between the span of 1 week after I posted my songs. See ya!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New blog created

I have the cravings to write my personal story just like having cravings to eat ice-cream. But I find it weird to write in the music blog because I would be out-of-topic. I doubt many of you would want to know what I'm thinking. If you are interested, you can visit my new blog click here or scroll down to my "Favourite Links" found at the right side bar. And please vote for my poll at the left hand side! <--------------------- I found out that no one is voting except for 2 people....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dong Yi

I'm wondering if any of you watched Dong Yi already? For people who do not know what I'm referring to, I'm talking about the Korean historical currently the HOTTEST drama in South Korea. It is a true-based story which revolves around one of King Sukjong's concubine's tragic life.

Storyline of Dong Yi
The drama typically is about a slave girl whose father is the chief of Sword Fraternity which is formed to protect the lower cast people. However, one of the minister from the South Faction accused the Sword Fraternity for killing the nobles. The main culprit turned out to be not the Sword Fraternity but the minister from the South Faction. This slave girl ended up losing her family and being chased by the police officers for being a criminal's daughter. She ended up working from a salve to a palace maid in the palace. During her stay at the palace, she met the King and ended up becoming one of his concubine.

I mentioned this because I'm going to write a song after watching finish this drama. I find the main character so pitiful but at the same time, she has a very strong personality. Such a sad story! If you are interested, you can go and watch this super nice drama!

Friday, August 13, 2010


This song as mentioned in my earlier post is written in 2007 and was recorded in a tape which was transferred into the com later. "Tempora" is a name given from my elder brother as I seem to be frustrated with what name to give for this song. He mentioned that this song sounds very "tempoish" so he gave the name "tempora". The song consists of no accompaniment except for the drum. I played it using my keyboard and I used guitar as my main instrument.

Like the tempo, I try to run as fast as I can. Wash away all the troubles spinning in my head over and over again.


1) The girl in the video is not me. I just found her while goggling.

2) The song sounded too long which make me wonder how to keep the video ongoing. I know the video storyline does not seem to be nice but endure with it.

3) As mentioned, it is recorded in a tape so it sounded very dry at first. So i transferred in audacity and added 0.01 secs of echo and bass to the song.


Before I'm going to upload new songs which will sound kinda different, I want to hear opinions of which song you prefer. So please cast your vote at the top left-hand side.

So visit me next week for new songs. Next piece is written after my 'O' levels and would sound a little different from the first few songs. See ya!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music composition

Maybe some of you are wondering how I started to come up an idea to write finish a song or maybe you are also interested to test and write up a song too. This post I'm going to fill up your curiosity, just briefly. I AM NOT A PRO. I don't know whether it will help you though.

Before that, I want to wish Singapore a happy belated birthday!

When I start to write a song, most probably I would draft out the melody first, the chord first or maybe the tempo first. It depends. For my case, I haven't succeed in drafting the lyrics first. There is no definite answer to this. You may either sing or use an instrument to help you when drafting. Next is inspiration. Find out what you are writing for. To what or to who. I don't know whether others may agree to this but song writers tend to be very emotional. I have mood swings and I have to admit to this. My mood is never in the middle range, it is always to the extreme (very calm / go nuts). If you don't agree that I have very extreme emotions, most probably is I'm acting in front of you. Mood swings definitely make your music nice!

Next is getting the chords right. I won't talk too in-depth about this because this is found in a music theory book. In between a song, I would usually use imperfect cadence (I-V / C to G in C major) or even suspension (Gsus4 - G). In other words, these would act as a comma in an essay. When I'm going to end a song, I would use a perfect cadence (V-I / G to C in C major). There are also many other types of chords but I'm not going to elaborate on this. Like Maths, music composition also has a formula. It has Pentatonic (Chinese), Japanese, Egyptian, Arabian, Indian, Jazz and many more scales. Just stick to the notes from the scales, you definitely would have the essence of the type of songs you want.

Then choose what type of instruments you want to play in the song.

Add colors to your music by adding accompaniment. Either by 3rd apart, 6th apart or octave apart. If you are pro, most probably you would write the scores for different accompaniment instruments and how they sound to bring the essence of the music out. Lastly, add the dynamics(loud or soft) in.

The songs I uploaded till today does not consist any big changes of the chords as I just started writing songs during that time. The next upload also won't include anything got to do with chords but I will start uploading songs that has chords next week. Then you will see a big difference with one with chords and one with no chords. Chords is important because it would help to add colors to your song and you won't keep writing songs that sounds almost the same.

That's it! Oh ya, if you are also wondering why I have so much time to write songs, I would reply that stress help me to hum the melody out. That is why I always have 3 to 4 sentences saved in my thumb drive during submission that can drive me crazy. Then I would just join the sentences to form the whole song.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are you emo?

Are you feeling very sad, depressed and super emo? Yup, I'm writing this post to encourage people like you.

I saw my surrounding people some always look so sad. Most probably you will be thinking "Life sucks" "The world just sucks" "The people around me sucks". I used to think that way too but I think differently now. If you change your way of thinking like "Life rocks!" "The world is so interesting with me around!" "To haters: Why are you wasting your brain memory to remember me? I don't mind because you will remember me." won't things be different.

The next most important key factor to happiness is to do things that you like to do. Actually, doing stuff that you like to do and even know what you like to do is difficult. Ok, let's start with things that you like to do. Usually people around us will restrict us from doing the things that we like to do most. But why bother about them? What matters is yourself because you are leading your own life. There's a saying: Life is like a show and a show is like your life from a Chinese saying. You are the main character of your own show/drama. So make yourself shine. People who do things that they like always shine. Take for an example my classmate Mel. She always look so stress in class and upset. But when she is doing make-up for someone else, she shine so brilliantly! (If you are reading this post, I just want to say go do the things that you really like.)

Next is finding things that you like to do. Once my brother and cousin asked me the same question: "I don't know what I like to do." I finally found a reply to that. I have to say just get out of your seat and walk around, travel around, get exposure to many stuffs, you will eventually find one thing that you really like to do. Instead of just siting at your seat or always do the regular stuffs that you always do, try something different.

I remembered earlier this year one of my lecturer came up to me and asked me whether I want to pursue Architecture in university when I graduate. My reply was: "I don't know, my dad want me to." That was like after attachment so he asked me. Then he replied something like he did not know that he will become a lecturer now and life changes. He mentioned a lot of stuffs and I don't remembered already but I started to change my thoughts about whether I should go ahead to do things that I really want and like to do. That is why I started opening this blog.

So go ahead! Do the things that you like and live your life to the fullest. Once that day is gone, it is forever over and never to repeat again.

I know this is awkward but I still want to share that I LOVE COMPOSING!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Black Hole

Since I'm always so free on a Saturday midnight, I think I will upload the songs on Saturday instead of Sunday.

I never played this song for quite some time already and this song was recorded in a tape in year 2007 (also written in year 2007). Then I transferred my songs into the computer. I remembered that year I brought my tape and ask few of my surrounding people to listen and Sam.W laughed at me and said: "What you recorded in a tape? I'm sorry I don't have a tape player and why do you have to record in a tape? It's so out-dated!" Ok fine I'm outdated. That time quite a number of people said that this song sounds like Dark Forest. Most probably is because I had not have any new ways of writing a song. So enjoy!

Black Hole
I feel like I'm dropping into a black hole. Deeper and deeper. What will I see after walking into the hole?

If you hear closely, most probably you would hear a screeching sound. It is not a sound effect, it's my piano's pedal. And yes!!! That person in the video is me acting emo... not because I'm emo.


So stay tune to my new songs next Saturday! Next song is also written in year 2007. I wrote 3 songs that year. Also visit after listening to my songs!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New blog skin

I changed a new blog skin! Since I opened my blog, I changed 4 blog skins already. 1st one was super ugly! Why I change again? I can't stand my hand being chopped off in the previous skin, I just feel very pain when looking at it. It just make me so uncomfortable. How is my new blog skin? Please comment or tag me.

Let's celebrate! Today submission is over and holiday is coming! I'm super happy now but I caught a flu because of submission. *Sneeze* *Cough* Hope I will get better by tomorrow.

Actually I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I still want to say. My younger brother played basketball 2 days ago and someone pushed him. There he go, injury on his chin plus his front teeth broken. OMG. He went to the doctor and got 5 stitches from the doctor (omg omg so pain) and went to the dentist to fix his teeth. So people who know him, maybe you would want to show your concern. It look serious.

Monday, August 2, 2010


My cousin opened an online shop .The website is typically selling cute stuffs, accessories and clothes. I find her so cool ... so please go and support her and visit her online shop!

I closed my twitter account so if you are going to add me or what, just drop the idea. That is because I have 1 pathetic friend in my twitter only and I don't use it. So if you have not add me in facebook, you can go ahead and add me. Thank you!

Tag box
If you have found out, I added a tag box at the left side bar. So please tag me! Tag as many as u want!

Remember to visit my cousin's shop, she will be waiting for you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

2 freshly baked songs!

This week I'm uploading 2 songs. I upload 1 day earlier because I cannot sleep right now lol. So one day earlier. I'm going to start my story on these 2 songs:

Few months ago my mum was tidying the cabinet and she happened to found a yellow file. She passed it to me and I said "What is this?" Of course my mum said "I don't know." Then I opened the file and saw 3 pieces of music score written by me. I was very shocked ok lol because I don't seem to remember that I wrote those. But out of the 3 pieces, 1 is a bad piece. So today, I will be sharing the 2 pieces with you.

Happiness Around Me

I wrote this song on 10/8/2004 dated on my score. The most funny part is that I even signed on it (this is lame). So this is written about 6 years ago?! Ok, that was long... If u ask me why I wrote this song, I would reply: "I can't remember." Most probably as what was stated in the title, I was happy that time.

Happy 48th Birthday Mummy!!!

This song I remembered why I wrote it. I wrote it for my mum on her 48th birthday but she is no longer 48 as it was written in year 2005. Her birthday is on 25th December Christmas Day! Such a coincidence. The piano part is suppose to be played by my younger brother in erhu. Erhu + violin = not so nice, so I just played it in piano in this audio.

I also want to thank my family and friends to "like" my video and encourage me!

So that's it! Next week I'm going to post a song that I wrote not long after Dark Forest. Remember to visit me again next Sunday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My next song

My next song is coming out on Sunday so stay tune! Actually I plan to post a song every Sunday until I ran out of songs. If I did not post any songs, most probably is because of SUBMISSION! Yups, submissions usually... no always drain half of my life. From this Sunday onwards, I will post according to the dates that I wrote the songs so friends that do not like children songs most probably will have to bear until 2 weeks later but I still hope that you will continue to check me out! See you on Sunday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dark Forest

My 1st song is out! I feel kind of excited because this is the first time I'm posting an audio. Ok an introduction to my song. I wrote this song before I was taking my 'O' levels in year 2007 which was 3 years ago... School work, social issues and handling music exams stressed me out which made me wrote this song. What I have learn now is to TAKE IT EASY. Yup take it easy, life is for us to enjoy. Please leave comments after listening to the song!

Dark Forest
Trapped in the dark forest, unable to walk out. Confusion and sadness has overwhelmed me. I feel like giving up, will I be able to walk out of this maze and see the sunlight?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 1

1st post for my music dairy. I just lie down on my bed 1 day and thought through whether I should share my music or keep it personal. And I just tell myself why not share it and receive comments or appreciations from whoever who is listening to my songs (yeah you who is reading now). I will start posting my composition next week for my "grand opening".